Choosing the right tree can lend your yard beauty, shade and even seasonal fruit. The lawn care and yard restoration professionals at G & A Tree and Lawn have been providing affordable tree services to Ohio’s homes for over 20 years and have some helpful tips to consider before you get planting.

Before you plant a tree consider:

  • How large is your yard? You don’t want a monster growing in your 20-foot square townhouse yard. Large trees are well suited to big backyards and really are for the background near perimeters. Unfortunately, evergreens often fall into this category, but you can get away with some of those lovely potted varieties as long as you don’t remove them from the pot.
  • Do you want shade? Shade trees are one of the most popular types of trees, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re beautiful, fit every type of yard and usually don’t overgrow with regular pruning. For this you’ll need to think about the sun and where it’s positioned when you use the area the most. Next, think about whether the tree needs to be placed off your patio, deck or room and opt for allowing around 4-6 feet away from where you’ll need it. Good shade varieties include crabapple, eastern red bud, or a callery pear.
  • How much maintenance are you willing to put up with? While all trees need a trim, how many leaves are you going to have to clean each fall? Will it attract birds, and their droppings? Many unhappy homeowners have patio furniture covered in droppings because of a poorly placed fruit tree.
  • Are you planting near the home or power lines? Make sure you account for the height and spread of the trees and if it will be located near power lines; don’t pick one that will grow more than 20 feet tall. As for the home, a good rule is at least 8-10 feet from the home for trees 30 feet and under; 15 feet for the 70s; and 20 feet away for the 70s and above.

When you’re just about to plant your tree, call G & A Tree and Lawnand they’ll have the right tree solutions for you every time. Reach their professionals at (513) 623-7767, or visit them online to view more of their services.